Current Projects

The Dementia Darnings
Jenni has been working on a series of large sewn portraits of her mother who has Dementia. They were made initially in response to well loved photos from the family album, but developed as a vehicle for Jenni to respond as her Mother’s health gradually deteriorated. Issues around the inevitable loss of memory are explored through the techniques and materials used. The final 14 portraits will be shown at the City Hall, London in association with the Alzheimers Society in March 2015.

Conceptual Clothing
Jenni uses the subject of the female body and clothing to work with the concept of absence and transformation, exploring associations around memory through her mixed media constructions. The initial idea may come from a certain feeling, or a thought, or from sensations evoked by playing with materials, combining them and letting connections develop through a variety of processes. Sometimes a particular feeling of unease or discomfort manifests itself in the piece, through combining certain materials with forms alluding to the female body.
The Mosaics/Assemblages developed from the Conceptual Clothing series still using the female form on which narratives and darkly comic themes can unfold. The use of old discarded china and jewellery that have their own history gives nostalgic feel and the fact that the bits are broken adds to the sense of loss. In many the inner space of the torso is broken into allowing a whole new sequence of ideas to be imagined. This work is being developed through the project:- ‘The Journey. Exploring the Nature of Mending’ initiated by artist Jacy Wall in association with Walford Mill Crafts. Jenni Dutton worked with The Priests House Museum, Wimborne, Dorset Exhibition, September 2013 at Walford Mill.
Jenni Dutton

East Quay
TA23 0AQ

JUNE 2015

Jenni will be showcasing her work developed from the ''mending project'', using dolls as a theme.

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