Charred Bark Corset

The charred bark piece has been made by layering all sorts of materials and has the feeling of a remnant left over from an autumn bonfire. The final burning has resulted in a fusing of different elements and in the detail above it is possible to see closely that there is a decorative nature to the result of burning. The idea of burnt flesh perhaps is rather nasty (an indirect reference to foot-and-mouth) although in a mythological sense there is great trans formative qualities in burning, such as the phoenix rising from its ashes.
Overall, I think these corsets allude to so many themes, that to some extent interpretation is endless, my primary focus has been to use the format of the corset and then with the use of different materials to make something that resonates in us, whether that be to ponder on our relationship to nature and the environment or question the politics of fashion, it is not for me to dictate its entire meaning. The starting point for these corsets was an exhibition entitled 'People and the Changing Landscape,' at the Brewhouse Theatre, Taunton.