The Dementia Darnings
Comments by visitors to ‘The Dementia Darnings’    

“It just bowls me over! The portraits are an amazing, emotional, moving exhibition. I was really moved in a positive way having just lost my Mum to dementia.”

“I am a little lost for words as it is years since I have seen such quality (including emotional quality) of work. Beautiful, moving and please find them a space where more people can see the beauty you have created.”

“My mother passed away last December after having suffered terribly from Lewy Body dementia for 3 years. It was a dreadful time and I learned a lot about the nature of the illness. Your portraits were incredible, not only in the making of them, but the expressions too…they could have been my Mum’s expressions. I recognise her in them. It was very very emotional and very very moving for me. Thank you so much.”

'Transient Threads', Cotley Barn 2011

“Although I don’t have much personal experience of dementia I found this exhibition very moving.. truely beautiful and I can imagine how nurturing this exhibition could be to people dealing with this experience within their own families.”

“So alive! Just some pieces of thread and simple net, an idea and a bit of stitching and suddenly something most amazing comes to life. I love the continuity too, of feminine pursuits to a feminist exhibition. Thank you.”

“Touch the surface and the feelings come bursting through from deep inside oneself and one thinks ‘where the hell did that come from!’”

“What an impact these portraits make – incredibly sensitive and finely done -I am intrigued at the method which produces such amazing portraits. The story behind the portraits is one that many people will recognise – fragility – loss and memory of times past.”

“Extraordinarily moving. The thread seems to give such delicacy. Reminders that remembering is a creative act, and the failure of memory is the failing ability to ‘pull all the threads together’. Creation and disintegration mirroring each other? So much love in all this. Thank you.”

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