Eves Shoes
A Talmadic Legend that tells how the Rose was Painted Red
Eve had two sons, Cain and Able. The night before they were to make offerings to God, she had a disturbing dream. She saw a bleeding lamb on Able's alter and white roses that he had planted were suddenly full blown and red. The vision further unfolded to show a shepherd in long white robes wearing a wreath of red roses and playing a lute.
The next day Eve watched her sons make their sacrifices. Later as darkness fell she went to find them and the vision returned. This time she saw that the fires on the two alters had burnt out and the bodies of the lambs were charred and broken. From a cave near by came roaring's of despair that she knew to be the voice of Cain.
And before his younger brothers alter lay the most pitiful sacrifice of all; the body of Able, cold and rigid. His blood be splattered all the roses he had planted.
Eve sank upon the body of her son and again the vision of the night returned, she saw the shining figure again but this time Able was the shepherd playing the lute.