Mother Love
Mother Love: Visitor comments  
  Selection of the comments in visitors book from Mother Love exhibition at Thelma Hulbert Gallery, Honiton

‘Absolutely beautiful work Ingrid and Jenni – we were so moved by it. Also thought provoking and disturbing. The placing of each piece works very well too. Thank you for stirring memories (my mother said things just like yours, Ingrid!) and the beauty and the depth in the portraits of your mother are astonishing Jenni (and more wonderful for your mother’s close involvement). I hope the exhibition will tour.’

‘Thought provoking and inspiring, a mother and daughter visit, thank you.’

‘A mesmerising exhibition, affecting on so many levels. Really felt I wanted to continue with the artists’ personal stories – to know more.’

‘So uplifting and so sad, the complexities of ‘Mother Love’

‘Interesting social history in addition to creative work’.

‘Quite the most extraordinary art work expressing so many aspects of being a woman –family – lies –suffering – dementia, all dealt with so sensitively and I have left with a better understanding of ageing.’

‘It took considerable courage to tackle these subjects and hopefully the experience has helped the artists – and will help those who see them. Well done!’

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