Walk in the Wood

These shoes belong to a dress that was made from the experience of walking through a wood. The wood had not been visited often, so walking through it was a journey of discovery. These shoes are not a protection but draw the feint trail of a journey through this wood. They were made initially from a pink nylon fabric, skeleton leaves were stuck on and then the shoes were singed with a blow torch, sewing and embroidery were then added to the edges of the remains in blue and silver thread. The colours and the texture echo the dress and allude to the beauty of the environment but also the fragility of decay and the secretive process of metamorphosis in nature.

This process of change and metamorphosis became apparent in the ritualised way that I made the shoes. I carried them around with me in special box and worked on them on trains, cafes, in meetings, whenever and wherever I was sitting. Using, in particular, blanket and running stitch, to give strength and clarity to random shapes made by the layers of fabric and leaves. Some of the sewing was about repairing while other aspects were about decoration, thereby allowing them to have some sort of status as to be an accessory to the dress.

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