Mosaic wall pieces.

Wall Pieces (click on images to enlarge)

The wall pieces were developed in response to requests for smaller mosaics. I have often been given broken treasures from clients commissioning new designs, but mainly the smaller pieces are an opportunity to play with ideas and influences. They can contain condensed memories and have allusions to shrines, altars and niches.

I now have a huge collection of china. Searching for colour, pattern and texture combinations is wonderful, as well as allowing the content and story develop around the often bizarre, kitsch ornaments now no longer so lovingly displayed in a home. The notion of ‘taste’ and personal choice is called into question. When does this develop in an individual and why make the choices that we do?

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mermaid's cave
blue tit
garden of eden
tribute to jean
winged roses
roccocco torso
rose hip tea
woman reflecting
pink swan lake