Moving On: Part 1


The subject of luggage and particularly unattended bags has taken on a whole new context after the series of terrorist activities on public transport. The idea of investigating the contents of people's luggage was influenced by the bombings in London last summer. I wanted to research the whole question of what travellers choose to carry with them in their luggage and how much the contents reveal about the intimacies woven through their lives, exposing their identity.

I aquired two abandoned bags from which I made two asseblages. I tried to reveal and yet conceal the cotents and the identity of the owner. While woking with the contents of the bages I became aware that I had to question my motives, my response to the items and the ease with which I stereotyped the owners ' personalities and lifestyle. The experience of making the work has raised so many questions.

Jenni Dutton January 2006